Operated Networks

🚨 Legacy IP is not supported on any networks

  • AS213127



    How to peer:

    • Peering at LocIX or KleyRex (see peeringdb)
  • DN42 AS4242422685

    Peering via Wireguard:

    Your Wireguard config:

    ListenPort = 22685
    PostUp = /sbin/ip addr add [your ll] peer fe80::2685:[asn:-4]/128 dev %i
    PostUp = sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.%i.autoconf=0
    Table = off

    PublicKey = n03rfwjBN4odfTzniSX6SrpFMEbKntbTb0Wfkx2AxFM=
    Endpoint =[asn:-4]
    AllowedIPs = fe80::2685:[asn:-4]/128, fd00::/8

    (substitute [asn:-4] for your ASNs last 4 digits)

    Configure your side and contact me via email, using the adress provided in the dn42 registry.